Sunday, July 10, 2022

AMilto Afriedam suggestion about investment strategies in Virginia for 2022

 Hello every one. I am AMilto Afriedam and this is my suggestion about investment strategies in Virginia for 2022

I am an economist and analyzer and I am concentrating on the investment opportunities in United States.

By 2022 and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine we face big challenge in economic sectors and loans, money and banking system and businesses impacts directly from this Military invasion of Ukraine.

Economic news become full of negative signals and as an economist this is my suggestion about investment strategies for 2022.

Economic challenge for 2022:

Inflation rate is increasing

Russia’s threats that target US economy

Impacts of COVID19 pandemic on Economy

Energy price increasing


Russia Finland military conflict countdown

Russia Sweden Military conflict countdown

Iran Saudi Arabia military conflict countdown

Israel Iran Military conflict countdown

Azarbaijan Armenia military conflict countdown

Afghanistan Pakistan military conflict countdown

Pakistan India military conflict countdown

India Russia food terrorism

Russia Food terrorism

global food challenge

and new pandemics and virus that threats the human life on the earth .

So, it seems that The best opportunities for investments are companies with

biopharmaceutical products, pharmaceutical products, vaccine companies, military companies, Food processing companies, Biotechnology companies, Water purification companies and …

Thank you for reading please comment me your opinion

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